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IRS Resolutions

Minimum Tax Debt Accepted
Due to the variety of services we offer offers—many of which don’t focus on debt amount—there is not a specified minimum for tax relief. However, there are certain services and solutions that are cost-effective only above a certain amount. Those details can be determined in consultation with a tax analyst.

Types of Services Available
STTC offers relief for a variety of tax-related issues, including:
•    Unfiled taxes
•    Tax liens
•    Bank levies
•    Wage garnishments
•    Payroll tax issues
•    Penalties and interest
•    Tax audits
•    Asset seizure

They are experienced in implementing the following tax relief solutions:
•    Installment Agreement
•    Offer in Compromise (OIC)
•    Penalty Abatement
•    Innocent Spouse Relief
•    Currently Not Collectible
•    IRS Appeals
Free Consultation
Yes, they offer a free initial consultation. As with most other companies in the industry, if you’re looking for the very best information specific to your case, you will need to hire us.

While STTC asks for half of the flat fee down so they can begin working, this may be paid according to the client’s ability and preference. For example, it can be split up into two payments or five payments at a time.  

Customer Support Quality
The STTC have support staff available on the phone and through online chat through our website (which always will identify the support agent you are talking to). We have found the staff members to be honest, helpful, and friendly. Spanish-speaking clients can talk to customer support in their native language.

Simple term Tax Center has an additional customer service department for current and past clients, which they call “Platinum Clients.” We encourage any dissatisfied clients to contact this department by email( and they will do their best to “make it right.” We work in giving overall satisfaction.

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