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Yes, you can survive an IRS Tax Audit

Tax law can be perplexing to anyone, but the idea of having to face an IRS tax audit may be the ultimate fear for many people. A tax audit takes time even if you are familiar with the process, but you may have to sacrifice an extraordinary amount of work and personal time if you try to handle things on your own. The good news is that a brief tax law overview and professional tax guidance can help you if you are selected to undergo an IRS tax audit.

IRS auditors are known to be thorough as they work to determine tax return accuracy. Failure to comply with tax audit requests can lead to tax recalculation and a large tax bill, and this is the result for many people who choose to handle audits without professional guidance. You may avoid paying a tax auditor representative fee, but the money you owe the government may end up being higher than necessary if you choose this option for handling your tax audit.

Your smartest move regarding an IRS tax audit involves taking action as soon as you can. Ignoring an IRS tax audit can and will only lead to further complications. Consulting with a professional tax advisor will help you handle any paperwork or communication that is requested by the IRS. Your tax advisor can handle all of the communication regarding your tax audit, and this may eliminate your need for spending time away from work or family while your audit is in process. Please contact our office today for a free consultation if you have received an IRS tax notice.

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