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Individual Taxes

Better understand the complicated rules of tax returns and tax audits with the agents at Simple Term Tax Center in Houston, Texas. Specializing in personal, small business, and corporate taxes, we help your company maneuver through the dense language of the IRS.

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Tax Returns

Make sure you're getting the most out of your state or federal return by letting us look it over. We will check over the last three years, searching for amendments. Having our staff look over your documentation is free; you pay only when you would like us to process an amendment, making sure you never have to pay for a service that is not beneficial.

Truck Drivers & Railroad

Let us handle your personal taxes. We specialize in factoring in per diem wages and taxes.

Learn How

At our company, we don't just expect you to sign your tax return and leave. Our staff will walk you through every process of the return, making sure you fully understand what you're signing. This is both for you to know about new tax laws and so you can honestly say you agree with your return when you put your signature on it.

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with tax returns and IRS issues.


Don't worry about your audit from the IRS by recruiting our experienced agents. With your permission, we take over by talking to the IRS on your behalf and passing all information we find directly back to you.

Assistance for Every Step

With a combination of bookkeeping and bank reconciliations, we take care of the consequences of your audit. Starting with a financial analysis, our staff will comb through your books, finding out exactly where the problem is and what happened to get you to the point of an audit. We keep your bank account from being wiped or wages being levied, allowing us to move forward from there.

Tax Lien

If the IRS has frozen your assets, seized your bank account, or levy your wages due to a tax lien, we can help. Our staff helps you make an Offer in Compromise payment plan, as well as manage your current plan if you've fallen behind.

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