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Non Profit Organization Tax Preparation

We can assist you in the set-up and maintenance of a tax-exempt status for your organization by taking care of all IRS reporting on your behalf. Every year many tax-exempt organizations are required by the IRS to submit the From 990 and any relative forms, which also include:

  • An Income Statement that includes a variety of specific expense and revenue categories such as rent, postage, donations and salaries among others...
  • A Balance Sheet that includes specific categories such as accounts payable and receivable, cash, etc...
  • A Functional Expense Statement with each expense that is allocated for operations, fundraising and program services.
  • An Individual Program Expense statement that shows each of the expenses for every service or program such as educational mailings and seminar programs.
  • Revenue Support Schedules that list the sources of income for the organization in categories such as member fees, charitable gifts and investment monies.

There are very specific categories for expense and revenue that the IRS uses to determine whether not for profit organizations will be able to maintain their tax exempt status. This is why it is vital to establish your entire system around these classifications for expense and revenue.

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Following are some of the things that we can do for your organization...

  • Compile and review all of the financial statements for your organization
  • Establish, implement and maintain your overall system
  • Prepare payroll on a monthly, weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Handle your non-profit organization tax preparation and deposits
  • Offer your personnel any necessary training
  • Complete your application for non-profit status and file it
  • Offer your Board training on the usage of non-profit financial statements and diligent budgeting practices
  • Complete tax forms 990 and 990T for your organization
  • Complete your documentation for the initial start-up including your FEIN or federal employee identification number, corporation and payroll setup with state and federal agencies
  • Churches - We can establish the pastoral housing allowance and any other benefit documents that are required to meet the complicated dual status of pastors.

If you are in the process of launching a new non-for-profit, we can assist with the preparation of the 501 (c)(3) for achieving a tax exempt status.

Contact us for a free consultation and pricing for our services.

Non-Profit Start up- What's Necessary:

  • Articles of Incorporation which must contain the Exempt Purpose Statement as detailed in section 501 (c)(3) in the IRS code section and in the first paragraph d of the Treasury Regulation. 1.501 (c)(3) as well as in the Dissolution Statement that is detailed in 501 (c)(3), paragraph one and subparagraph b in Treasury Regulation "Organizational Test".
  • EIN
  • The organization's by-laws
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Board Member names, resumes and addresses
  • Addresses and names for every active member
  • Inventory of assets including equipment, furniture, cash, pledges, property and more
  • Inventory of Liabilities such as loans, accounts payable, mortgages...
  • Lease or Rental Agreements and Contracts
  • Four years worth of Revenue and Expense Statements or for as far back as your organization has been in existence if this is less than four years.
  • Mission Statement for the organization or the Beliefs for Churches or the Statement of Faith
  • Documentation of organization operations, programs and activities as well as the statement of purpose and operations, fundraisers, food programs, pamphlets, brochures, flyers
  • Documentation of Financial Support that includes every source of income including fundraisers, tithes, offerings, contributions.
  • Descriptions of Fundraising Programs.
  • Filing/Process fees for the IRS.

We are happy to assist you with your non-profit organization tax preparation. Allow us to set up and maintain your status as a non-profit tax exempt organization by requesting a free consultation.

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