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Business Services

Small Business Services

Every month or quarter we can provide the following services:

  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Creation of a general income statement
  • Creation of a balance sheet
  • Ledger clean-up
  • Provide consultations

All of these tasks will give the system for your small business a solid foundation. It is possible to customize and enhance the service package that you already have by adding in business tax consulting, payroll, tax preparation or any other services that we provide.

Bank Account Reconciliation

By reconciling the checking account for your business every month we can keep your taxes and bank account up to date.

By having us perform bank account reconciliation every month, you will be able to:

  • Identify lost deposits and checks as well as wire transactions that are unauthorized.
  • Identify bank charges that are unjust or excessive and ensure that these transactions were not erroneously posted by the bank.
  • Identify embezzlement and prevent this activity within your business.
  • Learn how your business is performing. It isn't really possible to know how well a business is doing unless all of the accounts have been properly reconciled and accounted for within the financial statement.
  • Effectively manage your cash. You can save money through proper money management and these efforts can also make more money for you.
  • Protect your company. By quickly reconciling accounts and objecting to fraudulent, forged or unauthorized checks that have been paid by your bank, your agency can be relieved of the financial responsibility of these errors and the risk will be transferred back to the bank. The fact that crime exists should be ample reason for reconciling your accounts on a routine basis. Problems can and do occur.
  • Have greater peace of mind. You will have far more peace of mind when your bank accounts are reconciled and balanced and when all accounts, checks, escrow funds and distributed monies have been accounted for.
Tax Forms

Income Statement

Your statement of profit and loss or your income statement essentially supplies a list of all revenues and then deducts your itemized expenses to show the loss or profit for a determined period of time.

With an income statement you can:

  • Track expenses and revenues to know more about the overall performance of your company.
  • Learn which areas of your company are operating under or over-budget.
  • Discover items that are resulting in unexpected or unnecessary expenses such as supplies, mail, fax or phone.
  • Track significant increases in the cost of products sold or in product returns as a sales percentage.
  • Learn the income tax liability for your business.
Stamp and Book

Examining Graphs

Balance Sheet

Your balance sheet will provide a quick look at the financial condition of your business at a specific period in time. With a balance sheet you can:

  • Quickly gauge the financial health and abilities of your company.
  • Spot trends and analyze these, particularly in payables and receivables. For instance, if your receivables cycle is increasing in length, you may be able to more aggressively pursue your receivables.
  • Find out whether your company is ready for expansion.
  • Find out if your business can tolerate the typical ebbs and flows in expenses and revenues.
  • Find out whether fast action must be taken to bolster cash reserves.
  • Find out if your business has been avoiding cash shortage by stalling payables.

Along with your income statement, a balance sheet is one of the most important parts of providing accurate financial reports to prospective investors, banks and vendors who want to determine how much funding they can grant.

Invoice and Bills

Keeping Your General Ledger Clean

The heart of your company's financial records is the general ledger. These records are basically the central books of the system. Given that all transactions will flow through this ledger, all of your books can be thrown off by a single problem in the general ledger.

When we perform a monthly review of your general ledger we will be able to find discrepancies such as unrecorded payments and double billings. We will then fix these discrepancies so that your books are both accurate and in top condition.

Strategic Consultations

We are available to work with you so that you can gain a better understanding of how to use and interpret the financial data that we supply. Our price includes the cost of these consultations so feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you might have.

Please call us to get a free consultation on our small business services.

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