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Dr.Bianca R. Adams

Dr. Bianca R. Adams

Abounding Women of Substance was founded by Dr. Bianca R. Adams, a woman of boundless strength, determination and compassion for others. Born in Granite City, Illinois and raised in Madison, she always had a business mind and a desire to provide the best life possible for her children. As a hardworking single mother of four, Dr. Adams has worked tirelessly to become an independent Nationwide Tax Specialist and owner of Simple Term Tax Center which allows her to employ likeminded professional women. Dr. Adams’ value for education is unquestionable as is evident by her impressive academic achievements: an associate degree in Accounting; a bachelor’s degrees in Computer Forensics plus one in Technology; a Master of Science degree; a dual master’s in Finance/Accounting and a PhD in Business Management. Her more than 20 years of accounting experience and managerial expertise has positioned Bianca as a highly sought-after consultant.

Dr. Adams’ most recent endeavor, AWOS, was created with women from all races, backgrounds, professions and life goals in mind. This non-profit organization is her way of giving back and assisting her fellow sisters with strategies to transform their setbacks, let downs and inherent obstacles into dynamic footholds upon which to build a better tomorrow. Her vision is to be the catalyst of change for those who may have lost hope, laid down their dreams and long for more. She is also the founder/CEO of KMA Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, a provider of mental and physical health services for Greater Houston and surrounding areas. It is with tremendous optimism and ambition that Dr. Adams has committed her life to enhancing the lives of others.

It is with heartfelt sincerity and compassion that she serves. It is for the good of others financial wellbeing that she stays abreast of the latest in tax law, accounting technology and best business practices. It is for the love of sisterhood that Dr. Adams has founded AWOS. And, it is for the purpose she was created to fulfill that she strives to be the epitome of an abounding woman of substance and inspire others to do the same.

In her leisure, Dr. Adams enjoys cooking delicious meals, baking scrumptious goodies and traveling abroad with family and friends. She resides in Cypress, Texas with her pride and joy, Kylie Marie, who God miraculously blessed her with in October of 2016 … well after her three sons were grown and gone. When Dr. Adams’ is not sailing the Caribbean, shopping for the latest toddler fashions with Kylie or providing valuable tax advice, you may find her donating toys, food, clothing and school items wherever there is a need in the community. Because of her immense gratitude for the life God has provided her and her family, Dr. Adams’ daily mission is to freely giveback by way of her time, resources and shared knowledge.

When asked if she will attend a function, support an event, or if she’s ready for the next level, Dr. Adams will profoundly respond with – “You better know it!” So, if you are looking for a leader, an example of what it looks like when God, desire and determination are in full effect, look no further. Dr. Adams is living proof that you can succeed, you will survive, and you are destined to soar. “You better know it!

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Add to your college fund by applying for the annual $1,000 scholarship we offer to a student from Madison Senior High in Madison, Illinois. Our owner grew up in Madison and wants to give back to the community, believing the venture will be successful if she helps even one student achieve his or her college dreams. To be eligible, you must attend Madison Senior High School, earn at least a 3.4 GPA, and submit a two-page essay on why you want to go to college.

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